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Personal Data and the GDPR

Do you process personal data in your research? Then it is wise to find out how to handle this properly during and after your research. The AVG has a number of consequences, such as the obligation to register the processing of personal data.

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Please contact the data steward and/or GDPR contact person of your faculty.

Reporting a Data Leak

Do you want to report a data leak? If so, you can do this quickly using ICTS. In principle, all data leaks must be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority within 72 hours of being discovered. State the details clearly, including how you discovered the leak and the scope of the leak. If it is confirmed that the breach of personal privacy poses a high risk to the people involved, they must be informed about the data leak.

A data leak is a breach of security that results in the destruction, loss, change, unauthorised distribution of, or unauthorised access to, personal information that has been passed on, stored or processed in some other way.

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