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Ideally speaking, knowledge and research results find their way out of the university and into the world. One way this can happen is by creating an application for knowledge and research results in new products and services.

Achieving impact with your research: less complicated than you think

But maybe you could use some help if you want to approach valorisation more actively. Under the name Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), the UvA, HvA, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC have combined their valorisation expertise. The IXA-UvA team offers researchers the expertise of grant advisers, business developers and legal experts.

What is valorisation?

Valorisation comprises all activities and efforts that contribute to making results of academic research available to society. The goal is to realise social and/or economic impact. There is no standard approach for valorising research: it is custom work, it does not follow a linear process or a step-by-step plan.

Starting a spin-off company

Depending on the idea or invention at hand, founding a spin-off company may be the best route for increasing impact with your research results. Together with the IXA-UvA's business developers you evaluate the pros and cons of this route. And if a spin-off company appears to be the best approach, IXA-UvA can support you on all aspects involved in setting up a new business. Think of a business plan, housing, financing, market research and all the legal requirements.

Clarity about and agreements on valorisation are necessary. You can find more about this in the relevant topics in the A-Z list on the employee site, links can be found below.