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Applying for Patent

A patent is a method of protecting a new finding. If you own the patent, you have the exclusive right to market your discovery or invention. If you discover something that might be worth patenting, you must notify the dean and IXA UvA-HvA. A member of staff from IXA UvA-HvA will discuss your discovery with you, assess whether it is new and worthy of a patent and decide whether it has commercial potential. If so, IXA UvA-HvA, the director of the research institute concerned and the dean of the faculty will decide whether to apply for patent. Confidentiality (at least until the application for patent has been submitted) is an essential part of securing a patent.

Costs and organising of a patent application

Patenting knowledge and inventions requires insight and is time-consuming. That is why IXA-UvA organizes and supervises the patenting process; the costs of applying for and maintaining a patent are paid from the UvA Patent Fund.

Activate your ORCID connection now

ORCiD provides a unique and persistent identifier for researchers and scholars. It connects researchers with their research activities throughout their career. ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor iD. In short, ORCID is a personal ID for researchers like ISBN is for books, ISSN for journals and DOI for articles and data.

Without a connection to Pure, the use of ORCID will not be optimal. Activate the connection today! Read how to activate your connection

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Recording Research Results

You can record data about your publications and other research output in Pure. Pure also shows reports about research results (e.g. publications) and researchers (e.g. prizes and other special mentions).

Pure is intended for UvA researchers, as well as members of staff from the secretariats and policy departments. Pure serves as a source for systems including UvA-DARE.

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